Kath Kornelson-Rutherford

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" I am fascinated by collections and by diversity which is revealed by closer observation. In my work I try to encourage the viewer to look again for hidden meaning or image. My work is always the result of concentrated collection and study of the elements to be collaged; followed by many weeks of careful development of the image. An intimate knowledge of my subjects and a sense of humour, often in the form of a play on words, are my trademarks."

- K. Kornelsen-Rutherford

Artist Kath Kornelsen-Rutherford works from her studio overlooking Petpeswick Inlet, creating from the sea and the land around her the mysterious, fanciful, ongoing "other-life" of her subjects: fish, jars, eggs, shells, matchboxes. Often drawing directly on the plate or stone with only sketches to guide her, she shares with us a quiet wit, a gentleness, a lyrical fluidity of form. A Kornelsen-Rutherford print, with its soft, textural color, plays with multiple images, visual and verbal puns, and the optical and narrative understanding of form and function. Kornelsen-Rutherford freely interprets the collective memories held by objects and offers them to the viewer, rearranged, ready for laughter, reminiscence and curious fascination.

Kornelsen-Rutherford was first introduced to intaglio printmaking while studying with David Silverberg at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. By 1978, she had set up a studio/printshop in her new home in Musquodoboit Harbour, on the Eastern shore of Nova Scotia. In 1982, with the first of two Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Awards, she continued her studies with Ed Porter, at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax, N.S.

Here Kornelsen-Rutherford began to shift from the chemical processes of etching on copper, preferring instead the more direct engraving techniques of mezzotint and drypoint. More recently, she has begun working with crayon lithograph, hand colouring the prints in watercolor.

Kath Kornelsen-Rutherford's work has been selected for the covers of several books put out by Thistledown Press in Nova Scotia, and her work can be found in numerous private, public and corporate collections including the Canada Council Art Bank, the Nova Scotia Art Bank, Hudson's Bay Company, Husky Oil, Calgary, Alberta and Parks Canada, Newfoundland.

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Brief Biography

Name: Kath Kornelsen Rutherford

Born: Montreal, Quebec

Media: Copperplate etching, engraving (mezzotint, drypoint), crayon lithograph, watercolor

Studio: Petpeswick Inlet, Nova Scotia

Education: Mount Allison University (David Silverberg), Sackville, N.B. College of Art and Design (Ed Porter), Halifax, N.S.

Selected awards:

Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Award, 1982, 1986

Professional Artists Development Grant, Nova Scotia Department of Culture and Recreation, 1992

Selected permanent collections:

Canada Council Art Bank, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Husky Oil, Atlantic Trust Company, Parks Canada

Selected solo shows:

Dartmouth Heritage Museum, Dartmouth, N.S., 1993

Nova Scotia Teacher's College, Truro, N.S., 1989

Studio 21, Halifax, N.S., 1986, 1988 (with Gillian McCulloch)

The Ewing Gallery, Corner Brook, Nfld., 1986

Gallery Gabor, Toronto, Ont., 1983

Lyghtesome Gallery, Antigonish, N.S., 1982, 1985

Selected group shows:

Art Expo 94, Art Gallery of N.S., Halifax, N.S., 1994

N.S. Printmakers Assoc.,(travelling), 1990-1991, 1993-1994

Mini Print Slovenija, Slovenia, 1993

Yokohama Intern'tl. Print Show, Yokohama, Japan, 1992

James B. Aird Gallery, Toronto, Ont., 1989

"Diverse Perspectives", Mt. St. Vincent Univ., Halifax, N.S., 1985

Canadian Nature Art (travelling), National Museum of Natural

Sciences, Ottawa, Ont.,1984

Upcoming Events:

November 1994: Far & Wide, Visual Arts Nova Scotia Biennial Exhibition (Dartmouth Heritage Museum), Dartmouth, N.S.

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In review

" In her work is an endless depth, seemingly endless room for further sensuous discovery..."

Arts Atlantic, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island


"Her precision and sensibility are very fine: everything is rendered in exquisite, tender detail within a composition as strong as steel."

The Chronicle Herald, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Available Prints

KKR-1 "Basket Case"

"Don't put all your eggs in one basket" Heard countless times by most, this seems to be sound advice to live by, or is it? Eggs are one of my favourite recurrent themes, over the years they have played a part in many prints and watercolours. Nesting Patterns and Sitting Hens are recent egg works. Once the idea germinated, the collection of small baskets began with variety of shape and colour in mind. Arranging and lighting the still life I visualize, a few postage stamp sketches and the drawing begins directly on the litho stone. These Bavarian limestones are about 3 inches thick, very heavy and sensitive to anything greasy, (like hair and finger prints). Being careful not to touch the stone, I draw with Litho pencils (Much like China markers). Some areas I cover totally with shading then use a knife to expose white lines. About three weeks later, with the completed drawing on the stone, I was ready to spend a long day with master lithographer Fernand Daigle, printing the black and white image, a tricky process of rolling ink on the wet stone. The hand colouring in this print is mainly done with stencils and an airbrush using very dilute watercolour. The painting of the edition takes another two weeks."

- K. Kornelsen-Rutherford

Hand Colored Lithograph; Edition 50; Size 10" x 13"; Produced for the Lyghtesome Print Folio, 1994; $200.


KKR-2 "Unwinding"

A collection of different sea-shells arranged in a spiral curve within folds of fabric, all in softly textured red-brown tones.

Mezzotint; Edition 40; Size 5 7/8" (circle); 1993; $75.


KKR-3 "The Perfect Sea"

An old glass canning jar holds a sea within of fish and shells in pastel lilac greys and blues, standing tall against a patterned backdrop of yellow-green seaweed and dappled mackeral clouds.

Hand-colored lithograph; Edition 40; Size 9 3/8" x 14 7/8" (vertical); 1993; $185.


Please note: Many of the editions listed above are close to being sold out and therefore availability may be limited.
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